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Gia Roma

Santa's Helper Sign

Santa's Helper Sign

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Santa's Little Helper + They Whine I Wine

What's better then a double-sided sign when it comes to Holiday Decor?

Probably nothing (besides coffee or wine).  

Add in some wine + parent humor - this is an ideal sign! Also one that can be used throughout the entire year!

This also makes the perfect and unique gift to someone who is a parent and also enjoys their wine!

  • Great for a home bar, kitchen or dining room. Display "they whine I wine" side throughout the year for guests to laugh at as they read it.
  • When Christmas comes around, gladly switch it over to "Santa's Little Helper" side to give your guests another laugh!  Perfect way to switch up your holiday decor yearly or even nightly!
  • Measures 6x6x1.5"
  • Thick wooden frame allows them to stand up on their own for display or be hung on the wall. 

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