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Gia Roma

Ew People 16oz

Ew People 16oz

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Presenting the ultimate mug for all the introverts and anti-social enthusiasts out there – our "Ew People" Ceramic Mug! This mug is the perfect companion for those days when human interaction is just too much to handle.

This mug serves as a humorous reminder of your preference for the company of pets (or solitude) over people.

But what truly makes this mug stand out is its hilariously blunt message. With its bold font and straightforward proclamation, it's the perfect way to express your disdain for social gatherings and small talk or a gift to those who prefer to snuggle on the couch at night vs social gatherings.

Imagine the knowing chuckles and sympathetic nods from fellow introverts as they catch sight of your mug, instantly relating to the sentiment it conveys. It's not just a mug; it's a statement, a declaration, and a badge of honor for those who prefer the company of quietness to the chaos of crowds.

 Embrace your inner introvert and celebrate the joy of alone time with a mug that speaks your truth – loud and clear.


  • Double Wall Ceramic
  • 480ml | 16.23oz
  • Graphic on both sides
  • Off White Mug With Dark Speckled throughout
  • Black Graphic (hand styled by Gia Roma)


  • Microwave and Dishwasher Safe
  • Wash Before Use + Avoid Abrasive Cloths When Cleaning
  • Use Caution When Removing From Microwave
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